Security Services

Manned Security

Our Security Officers match the requirements you’re looking for. A friendly smiling face to welcome visitors to your premises, or a more assertive no-nonsense approach to protect plant and machinery in the dead of night.

Screened, vetted, qualified and experienced, there’s lots going on behind the uniform. Our Security Officers can anticipate a problem long before visitors, guests or shoppers suspect a thing.

They can diffuse tensions using tact and diplomacy. They respond to difficult situations calmly and quickly.

We regularly monitor their level of professionalism and level of achievements by routine visits and inspections to ensure continuing relevance and effectiveness in the delivery of excellent Manned guarding Services to our valuable customers.

Manned Guarding

Acting as a highly visible deterrent, manned security guarding is still one of the most effective measures to ensure the protection of your premises and personnel.
Whether you’re looking for reliable gatehouse security for an industrial facility or you require professionals to control access to a busy corporate office, our unbeatable guards will take care of your concerns. And their dual role capabilities, such as performing risk assessment and health and safety checks, mean we can tailor our manned security solutions to suit a whole range of needs.

Retail Security

Retail Guards employed by Universal Support Services Group Ltd are trained to door supervisor standards, giving them conflict management skills, which are essential in minimising and controlling any conflict situations that may occur.
Retail Guards can be positioned at the entrance of an outlet to enforce electronic tagging systems or positioned at potentially high value areas of an outlet. The outlets specific requirements would be discussed and agreed prior to commencing a working contract


Corporate Security

Corporate security identifies and effectively mitigates or manages, at an early stage, any developments that may threaten the resilience and continued survival of a corporation. It is a corporate function that oversees and manages the close coordination of all functions within the company that are concerned with security, continuity and safety.


Concierge Services

When appearances and first impression really matter then our concierge service is for you.
We hand pick our people. They are not just receptionists and their principle role is not to meet and greet – those are just aspects of the duties we undertake.
First and foremost, our staff are all licensed by the Security Industry Authority. They are trained, qualified and experienced in aspects of security guarding. Their main role is to protect people and property.
We deal with visitors, we prevent unwelcome intrusion, we are a centre point.
We have spent many years developing our skills and techniques in demanding, prestige roles in which positive customer experience is vital. This is our focus – to provide a safe and secure environment discreetly and without disruption.

Warehouse and Distribution Security

Prevent unwanted intruders from accessing your warehouse with professional security guards who will maintain strict control over access points.
Gatehouses and entrances will have manned security staff checking the identification of each person who enters the premise and will keep logbooks to record who is onsite and offsite at what times.
If you require security guards after normal working hours, our night watch security team can be deployed to protect your business.
Risk assessments and health and safety checks will be carried out, including regulated stock takes and delivery handling.
We can also provide you with CCTV installation and monitoring, ensuring a rapid response to intruders, monitored consistently by our staff 24/7.


Keyholding & Alarm Response

Trusting Universal Support Services Group with your key holding security means that any harmful situations which could arise will be for us to deal with. Our security team have been trained to deal with all types of scenarios, so your safety will never be compromised.
A set of keys will be kept in a secure, off-site location meaning that if anyone gets locked-out, access is guaranteed 24/7.
Mobile foot patrols can be conducted so that your premise is monitored continuously, even when no alarm has sounded.
Professional key holding can benefit your business by eliminating the need to allocate and manage internal key holders, and by ensuring that only professionally trained security personnel arrive at potentially dangerous scenes.

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